Meet Chris Brundige

Chris Brundige’s  mortgage career began in 2001 and he is still helping clients fulfill their financial dreams to this day.  What started out as helping clients achieve the American Dream of homeownership has turned into helping clients keep that Dream alive by showing them a way to utilize that asset to help them achieve a more financially sound retirement without selling their home.  Chris has spent the last decade specializing in the Reverse Mortgage product and is known as the Mid-South’s foremost Expert on Reverse Mortgages.  

Whether your retired and still making a mortgage payment that is taking too much of your income,  have a paid off home and are looking to take some cash out to pay bills or cover repairs or upgrades,  lost a spouse and one social security check isn’t enough to live on, have a health situation with a loved one that is draining your funds, or you want to plan for your retirement and include your largest asset in that plan Chris can help.  He specializes in helping people understand and navigate HUD’s federally insured Reverse mortgage program otherwise known as the Home Equity Conversion Mortgage.

And….If you’re looking to downsize or need to relocate closer to family, He can even show you how to utilize the Reverse Mortgage to PURCHASE a home and have no monthly mortgage payments to make as long as you live there.