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Your Home is probably the largest financial asset that you have, yet for most people, it is not included in their financial plan.  Ask yourself, why would anyone leave their largest asset out of their retirement plan?  You’ve spent years making payments and building up equity in your home but is it doing anything for you now?  Sadly for most people the answer is No.  Even if the home is paid off, outside of keeping rain off your head or keeping you warm in the winter, what is your largest investment doing for you?  All your other investments are working for you, why not your largest one?

What does a “BETTER RETIREMENT” look like for you? 

At Mid-America we are making reverse mortgages SIMPLE!  We aren’t talking about three legged stools, we are talking about YOU!  Our Goal is to “custom taylor” each reverse mortgage plan to YOUR specific needs, wants, and goals for both now and into the future.  Let us show you how to make the most out of your largest investment.  Let us show you how you can eliminate your current monthly mortgage payment and still own your home.  Let us show you how your home’s equity can help meet your financial needs, improve your monthly cash flow and pay off some bills.  Let us show you how to make your largest investment work for you so YOU CAN have a BETTER RETIREMENT!

We will be happy to provide you with a no risk, no obligation consultation.  We will even partner with your personal banker, financial planner, or trusted advisor to make sure your retirement goals are being met.  The only thing stopping you from having a BETTER RETIREMENT is you.  Give us a Call.